Statement on Recent Events

We are confirming the resignation of Russ Pitts from the board of Take This.

Take This remains committed to making the video game culture a mentally healthy place, and to destigmatizing mental health challenges. Our executive staff of Eve Crevoshay, Executive Director; Raffael Boccamazzo, PsyD, Clinical Director; Katrina Keller, Operations Director; and Christian Svensson as Treasurer, strongly believe in the Take This mission of serving the game community/industry by providing resources, guidelines and training about mental health issues in the game community, thus reducing the stigma of mental illness.

Our vision is a game community that recognizes the humanity and mental health of game creators and welcomes and supports those in the game community experiencing mental health challenges. As an organization we will continue to further meaningful dialogue and address how we can all do better in choosing our words and supporting fellow gamers and diverse culture. In 2019, we will continue to be a helpful mental health force in streaming through our Ambassador program and with our AFK rooms, a quiet, non-stimulus refuge at all the major video game shows this year. With the support and partnership of many game companies, we will be unveiling many new initiatives in 2019, including games that support our message and best practices for game companies.

Statement from Russ Pitts

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