The Take This Streaming Ambassador Program is Here!

On a panel at TwitchCon last year, we announced the development of an ambassador program for streamers. Earlier this year, we announced more details. The day has come when we can finally and excitedly announce that the Take This Streaming Ambassador program is now accepting applicants for its first year!

Over the last several years, Take This has received an increasing number of requests to address the challenges of building supportive, inclusive streaming communities free of the stigma facing those struggling with emotional and mental health challenges. With an estimated one in four people in the United States recieving a mental health diagnosis in their lifetime, this is a common concern, but people still fear being shamed for something so common! Take This Streaming Ambassadors will serve as frontline, grassroots innovators and motivators in Take This’ fight against stigma, hopelessness, and isolation. They will also help in fundraising and awareness campaigns for Take This to further help us with our important mission.

Viewers who watch a Take This Ambassador’s stream will know what to expect: a place free of shame and ridicule for suffering from mental health challenges. As they actively build stigma-free chats and act as examples for their subscribers and followers, Take This Streaming Ambassadors will exemplify five aspirational principles:

  • Hope
  • Acceptance
  • Kindness
  • Self-care
  • Effort

Applications are being accepted until July 25th! If you are enthusiastic about increasing mental health awareness in the streaming community and would like to be considered as a Take This Streaming Ambassador, here are some helpful links:

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