Weekly INT Boost – The Many Ways Games Help Our Anxiety

Welcome to our roundup of the best mental health-related stories you may have missed. This week, we have a different perspective on mentally ill villains, the personal benefits of violent video games, and a lot more. Die, Anxiety, Die! How Violent Video Games Aid My Mental Health “I didn’t want to stop there. The calm […]

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Source: Gamers for Good

Submit Your Undertale Fanart, Support Take This, and Stay Determined!

Have you heard about the Undertale Charity Fanart Book hitting Kickstarter next month, organized by Gamers For Good? We can’t wait, and not just because Take This is one of the three non-profits that will benefit from the project’s proceeds (along with our friends at Anxiety Gaming and Child’s Play). We’re also eager to see […]

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Photo by Mikal Marquez (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Good Guy Gaming Honors a Lost Friend with a 24hr Stream This Weekend

This weekend, Good Guy Gaming (G3) is holding a 24-hour stream to honor a member of the gaming community who struggled with mental health issues and recently passed away. PoroZera, G3’s League of Legends Game Lead, reached out to Take This to share their story, and to invite Take This supporters to check out the […]

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This Dark Souls YouTuber Shares The Value of Talking About Mental Health

Paragon is a popular YouTube user who posts weekly videos about the Dark Souls series. Last month, he decided to use his platform to share his thoughts on mental health, talking about not just how video games have been a part of his mental healthy journey with PTSD and anxiety, but also how having a […]

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Image credit: Stephen Dann (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Making Your LARP More Accessible for Players With Mental Health Issues

Earlier this year, live action roleplayer Pen Tynan created a guide to Mental Health Accessibility in LARP (part one and two). Whether you’re an organizer, a player, or just casually interested, Tynan’s guide is a must-read look at how to make a hobby more welcoming to everyone. Tynin begins by reiterating points from an earlier […]

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‘Empathy’ Is an Upcoming Game About Saving The World Through Other People’s Emotions

From what we know about Empathy, the world is ending, and it’s going to take an understanding of others’ emotions and memories to make sense of the cause — and put it to rights. Here’s how Empathy’s creators at Pixel Night describe the game: Blinking against the light, you step into a world that seems […]

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How Bullet Journals Can Be Great for Mental Health, ADHD and More

Looking for a way to keep on top of things while you head back to school or manage everyday life? In this video, How To ADHD’s Jessica McCabe breaks down the benefits of bullet journaling for ADHDers — and ADHDers aren’t alone in getting a lot of out the habit. Whether you’re aiming for fewer […]

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Depression Got You Stuck? Try Giving Up Zero Days

Sometimes help can come from the strangest places. Back in November of 2013, a user on the Get Disciplined subreddit reached out to share a problem: they didn’t care about themselves. Nothing could really help them get motivated — not friends, not school, not long-term goals. If you’ve spent time coping with major depression, that […]

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This Comic Gets to the Heart of Love When You’re Depressed Sheebie Jeebie Comics brings us this quiet contemplation of love and depression. It’s rarely an easy situation — for anyone involved — but seeing a professional can help.

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VICE Shares the Stories of Trans Players Who Found Support and Representation in Gaming

VICE’s Matt Baume spent some time recently talking to several trans gamers about their experiences in gaming and the characters they love. The gamers in this video tells stories that may be familiar if you’re part of any marginalized group — growing up looking for characters to identify with and communities to join. Representation and […]

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