Weekly INT Boost – Will AI Take Over Depression Diagnosis?

Welcome to our roundup of the best mental health articles you may have missed this week. This week, we have diagnostic AI, advances in brain imaging, mental health challenges faced by writers of color, the benefits of horror games, and a look back at just how cruel we were as a society to emo music […]

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Mind Wants to Help You #FindTheWords to Talk to Your Doctor About Mental Health

Whenever we talk about things like antidepressants or therapy, we recommend that you talk to your doctor or a mental health professional about the options that are right for you. It’s an extremely important step, but it can also be intimidating. When you need that first referral, think you might benefit from a prescription, or […]

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This Webcomic Is Exploring The Choice to Start Antidepressants, and It’s Great Strange But Beautiful is an autobiographical webcomic by Stacy LeFevre, an artist who is open about her mental health issues. Like many creators, she chose to represent her anxiety and then her depression as creatures — companions that both keep her company and interfere with her life. It’s been a good read from the […]

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Trichotillomania Tips From Someone Who Knows

If you’re new to trichotillomania, you’re probably not in a very happy place right now. Along with the immediate consequences of pulling your hair, you may also have to deal with self-esteem problems, uncomfortable questions, and the challenge of finding good ways to avoid pulling. If you haven’t already spoken with a professional, you definitely […]

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What Is Behavioral Activation, and Is It Actually Better Than CBT?

If you keep on top of mental health news, you’ve probably seen a lot of headlines this week about Behavioral Activation (BA), and how it has apparently been found to be better and cheaper than Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The reason for those headlines is a recent study published in The Lancet. In a randomized, […]

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Why Spark is the Pokemon Team Leader We Need

It’s been less than a week since the Pokemon Go team leaders were officially revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, and already the Internet has given them complete personalities, relationships, dreams and desires. Blanche, Team Mystic’s leader, is cool, calm and collected. Candela, Team Valor’s leader, is strong and passionate. And Spark, Team Instinct’s leader is, […]

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These 4 Words Will Make Your Tabletop RPG Welcoming for People with Mental Health Issues

“What do you need?” is a powerful question. It makes no assumptions about someone’s strengths or limitations. It commits you to nothing but opens to door to opportunities. It gives people with mental health issues the chance to participate comfortably in activities that might otherwise seem too intimidating. It’s easier to ask for reasonable accommodations […]

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Life Is Strange’s First Episode Is Now Free

If you haven’t played Life Is Strange, now is your chance. Publisher Square Enix has made its first episode free on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Mac and PC. Life Is Strange has been lauded for tackling subjects that don’t often get covered by video games, including bullying, mental health issues, suicide, […]

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Brigador, an isometric mech game available on Steam

‘Brigador’ Creator Discusses the Mental Health Costs of Indie Development

For five years, brothers Hugh and Jack Monahan put their hearts and souls into creating Brigador, a hyper-colorful mech game that came out last month. Its release should be a happy story — a grand success to top off years of hard work. Unfortunately, that’s not how things worked out. Two weeks after Brigador hit […]

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Dealing With ADHD? Here’s Why You May Want to Gamify Your Life

Everyone has trouble with intrinsic motivation once in a while — there’s always some task that needs doing that just isn’t inherently rewarding enough to feel worthwhile. For people with ADHD, intrinsic motivation can be a lot tougher, and it can be difficult to find external motivation all the time. Enter gamification. Jessica McCabe, whose […]

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