Weekend Reading – Robot Uprising Edition

“Quixote” Is Teaching Navy Robots How To Play Nice With Humans “The game draws its scenarios of everyday life from the Internet. Each of them is turned into a story, which is read to the AI. Then the AI gets to play a virtual agent in a scenario based on the story, and scores points […]

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‘Soteria – Dreams as Currency’ turns anxiety into an adventure

Soteria – Dreams as Currency explores an approach to anxiety that says we should invite anxiety along with us rather than trying to step back from it. In it, you’ll play Ana Carmena, a young woman suffering from an anxiety disorder. As you travel through her inner world, you’ll seek a way to free your […]

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How Punching a Hole in the Wall on Camera Made One Pro Gamer Take Stock of His Mental Health

Competitive gaming is a high-pressure industry. The stakes are high, prize money and sponsorships are on the line, and your team is relying on you to succeed. So how do you navigate all of that when you’re also dealing with mental health issues? In this strikingly forthright video, Robert Wright talks about how depression has […]

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When Game Industry Jobs Leave People Open to Harassment, How Do We Minimize the Harm?

When we talk about mental health in the games industry, the conversation often focuses on two groups: game developers and game consumers. Surrounding those two groups are many others, though, including streamers, community managers, marketers, and journalists. Steve Bailey, a games analyst and former games journalist, has an opinion piece in MCV that points out […]

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Performance Psychologists Help Overwatch Teams Keep Their Heads in the Game

Pro gaming is huge, with esports events now regularly pulling in tens of millions of views, ESPN dedicating a vertical to covering esports, and games like Heroes of the Storm appearing on ESPN2. A whole industry has grown around sponsoring and supporting pro teams, so it should come as no surprise that sports psychologists — […]

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Let This AFK Room Volunteer Share Her E3 Experience With You

Boontarika Sripom is a Marriage & Family Therapist Intern working to provide positive perspective and therapy for artists, geeks, and gamers. She was also one of our awesome AFK Room volunteers at E3 2016, directed to us by our friends at Anxiety Gaming. In this video blog, she shares her thoughts on the AFK Room, […]

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Image credit: The Sad Ghost Club

The Sad Ghost Club is There For Everyone Who Feels Alone Sometimes

Part of our mission is to remind people with mental health issues that they’re not alone, and that’s a mission that The Sad Ghost Club shares. It’s a charming project created by Laura Cox and Lize Meddings, two artists who set out to create comics, apparel and other fun things to spread positive awareness of […]

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Therapy Dogs Visit Orlando to Help a Community Heal

As the people of Orlando try to rebuild their lives after last week’s tragic shooting at Pulse, the community has pulled together to help those affected. The Center, an organization that promotes and empowers the GLBT Community and its allies through information, education, advocacy and support, has been administrating a tragedy response program for victim […]

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TWiT Takes Five With Our Co-Founder, Russ Pitts

TWiT hosted a live special from the floor of E3 last week, visiting developers and representatives of the hottest studios and companies at the show — and us! Fr. Robert Ballecer, took some time to talk to our co-founder, Russ Pitts, about Take This, mental health in the gaming industry, and how to help the […]

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