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Weekly INT Boost – Which Will Diagnose Us First: GPS, AI or Instagram?

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the best mental health-related stories you may have missed. This week, we have more technology that will be designed to understand our minds better than we can, a look at how sleep affects mental health beyond the impact of being tired, and some disturbing findings about poverty and the […]

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VICE Talks to Zoë Quinn About Depression, Moving On and Her Strange New Game

After two years of being Gamergate’s public enemy #1, Zoë Quinn is moving on. She’s recently announced two new gaming projects — an adult romance sim based on the works of pseudonymous author Chuck Tingle and FailState, which she has described as “an FMV love letter to passionate failure and all things camp.” VICE Gaming […]

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2016 Isn’t All Bad – Let Author John Green Explain Why Not

No matter where you fall in the political spectrum, this has been an alarming year for news. We won’t stress you out more by reminding you of all the things that are wrong with the world — we’ve all figured out that this is, in fact, not fine. Instead, here’s John Green, author of The […]

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This Simple Wearable Could Make Tracking Autism-Related Anxiety Easier

Wearable technology has plenty of potential health benefits, but sometimes you don’t need a $500 all-purpose device to solve a problem. In some cases, simple is best, and the Snap is definitely one of those cases. It’s a wearable that’s intended to make tracking anxiety a lot more natural. Tracking is a good way to […]

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Tackling India’s Mental Health Treatment Gap By Motor Bike

India has a serious shortage of mental health professionals – as few as 3500 trained psychiatrists in a nation of over a billion. This leave a substantial treatment gap, and stigma around mental health issues that is hard to overcome. Enter Sangath, an NGO based in Goa, India. Sangath’s mission is to improve health by […]

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Image credit: Sai Kiran Anagani

Need a Boost? Give Our ‘Pump You Up’ Playlist a Listen

Last week, we asked those of you that follow us on Twitter about the music that gets you moving. Let's do #TuneTuesday! What's your "Pump Me Up" song? — Take This (@TakeThisOrg) August 16, 2016 Well, it turned out that you collectively had some thoughts on the subject, giving us enough top-notch tunes to fill […]

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Having a Bad Day? Let These Frenchies Cheer You Up

Well someone has to teach her how to do the booty hop. [🎥 press play] #frenchies #bootydance #twerk #puppygram #doglove #frenchielove_feature A video posted by WTF : Weston Teaches Fira (@wtfrenchie) on Mar 31, 2016 at 7:10pm PDT I’m more of a corgi person, so forgive me, frenchie fans, but I have no idea what […]

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Kentucky Route Zero Reminds Us of the Human Cost of Debt

Since January of 2013, we’ve been treated to a slow trickle of Kentucky Route Zero episodes — two that first year, one in 2014, and the latest just last month. Another is still to come, but several themes have come clear through the four episodes we already have. The largest, the one that ties together […]

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Sweaty Palms is a Comic Anthology about Anxiety

We share comics about mental health issues like anxiety and depression from time to time, but if you want a much, much larger dose, you might want to take a look at the Sweaty Palms Anthology. With 350+ pages of anxiety-related comics, you’re pretty likely to find a lot to relate to and a lot […]

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The Key to Getting Stuff Done When You’re Depressed

Jessica Gimeno has a lot on her plate. She blogs, she advocates for people with chronic illness and mental health issues, and she works with mental health charities. She also copes with bipolar II, polycystic ovarian syndrome, asthma, psoriasis, and the neuromuscular autoimmune disease Myasthenia Gravis. Suffice it to say, she has some experience with […]

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