Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2

Amy Hennig Discusses the Unwinnable Arms Race of AAA Crunch

At Take This, we concern ourselves with crunch in video game development — how to avoid it, when possible, how to make it healthier when it’s not avoidable, and how to help the video game industry find better solutions than long hours over weeks, months, and sometimes years. We’ve looked at the research, and it’s […]

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This Short by Pixar Animators Reflects On Moving Forward When We’ve Caused Harm

Self-forgiveness can be difficult, particularly when you’ve made mistakes that have impacted the lives of other people. Ruminating on guilt isn’t helpful — it doesn’t help the people we’ve harmed with our actions, and it doesn’t help us grow — but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing to get over. This brilliant short explores […]

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A Podcaster Shares His Story of Finding Help for Depression

I grew up thinking that “being social” was just the thing you had to do. If you wanted to spend time alone, or didn’t want to go out with your friends to that party, that it was wrong and you should feel bad. A lot of people would very much (and still may) describe me […]

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G4G’s Undertale Charity Fanart Book Is Now on Kickstarter – And It Benefits Take This!

It’s finally here: the Gamers For Good (G4G) Undertale Charity Art Book is up on Kickstarter. With proceeds going to Take This, Anxiety Gaming and Child’s Play, you can support some great gaming nonprofits (including ours!) while enjoying a ludicrous amount of amazing fanart for one of last year’s best games. According to G4G, the […]

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Photo by Schezar (CC BY 2.0)

Take This Is Almost Ready to Help Gamers at PAX Australia, But We Could Use Your Help

We’re less than three weeks out from PAX Australia, and we’re looking forward to it being one of our best conventions yet. We’ll have more news soon about the details of our presence at the show, but it’s sure to be a good one. We could still use a little help getting ready to help […]

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This Tiny Game About Depression Gets Uncomfortably Real

Over the weekend, 65 games were created for a game jam with an unusual theme: make a game based on one of the tweets of game maker and critic Pippin Barr. Dante Douglas, editor and co-founder of Deorbital chose this tweet as the basis for his entry: ░ GAME IDEA░░░ JUMPING░░░ BUT IT'S ONLY░ JUMPING░ […]

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Australian Gamers Share the Ways Games Help Their Mental Health

Writing for Australia’s PC Authority, Chris Button looks at the many ways Australian gamers are using games to benefit their mental well-being, formally and informally. Looking at the former, Button tells the stories of people like Keira, a 30-year-old Queenslander who is receiving therapy for PTSD and bipolar disorder. “My therapist is also a gamer […]

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Image credit: Cris Saur.  The koala knows that it's time for a break, folks -- we could all use a little extra self care.

Weekly INT Boost – The APA Wants to Help Us Shed Some Election Stress

Welcome to our roundup of some of the best mental health articles you may have missed. This week, we have tips for dealing with election fatigue, an outstanding story about neural networks and the way we grieve, and a meditation on the reasons to write openly about our mental health issues, among others. People Are […]

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Image by Cathryn Lavery

Doctor B Will Discuss Crunch at the Mobile Games Forum Next Week

The Mobile Games Forum (MGF) is the longest-running mobile games event for the global games market. Next week, our clinical director Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo will be joined by Kate Edwards, executive director of the International Game Developers Association, at MGF Seattle. There, they will speak on the topic of crunch in the video game industry. […]

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Messages of Hope from World Mental Health Day

Monday, October 10th was World Mental Health Day. To mark the day, we asked Take This supporters to share their own messages of hope with the hashtag #IAmNotAlone, to show us all that we have each other. Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay, #IAmNotAlone and neither are you. @TakeThisOrg @VideoGameVoters — Shannon M Gerritzen (@NerdmaidSMG) October 10, […]

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