Some Universities are Recognizing the Mental Health Cost of Student Debt

While the student debt crisis doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, several Canadian universities are stepping up to make sure they can handle the fallout. As The Globe and Mail reports, looking at the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, a nationally representative sample of young adults in the United States, researchers found that […]

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How the Crisis Text Line Came to Be

Crisis support lines like the National Suicide Prevention Line do vitally important work, but there are times when a phone call just isn’t practical. If you don’t have a safe place to talk, if you have a speech disorder, if you’re anxious or you just aren’t that comfortable using the phone, the Crisis Text Line […]

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Watch This Group of Adventurers Brave Ravenloft for Take This

Over the weekend, the brave folks at Dungeons N’ Distractions will be streaming their run through The Curse of Strahd, a horror-filled adventure module for Dungeons & Dragons. While they play, they’ve kindly decided to raise funds for Take This. To help the players through a punishing adventure, viewers can donate to send them health […]

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A Few Hope Shields in the Wild

As our Boxes of Hope find their new homes, some of the people who’ve received Hope Shields have been kind enough to show them off online – and since each is unique, we’re super excited to see them, too. There are some real beauties out there. Obviously, the legendaries are amazing, made from Gabon Ebony […]

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my girl

‘My Girl’ is a 10-Page Exploration of Dreams, Reality and Mental Health

My Girl is a new comic by cartoonist Sophia Foster-Dimino that explores fantasy, reality, and the distance between what we dream about and what we are willing to achieve. Foster-Dimino was interviewed by Okey-Panky, the online magazine that published the comic. She spoke about a few of the possible interpretations of her comic. The tension […]

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Braining Training App ‘Peak’ Includes a Game for People With Schizophrenia

Setting aside the issue of whether brain training games are effective at improving your cognition or intelligence (a questionable assertion, at best), there is at least one good reason to take a look at popular brain training app Peak. Tucked away behind all the personal assessments, metrics and premium plan pitches is a game called […]

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Looking at Mental Health Issues Through the Lens of Attention

Are All Mental Illnesses Related? from The Atlantic on Vimeo. In this video, The Atlantic shares the theories of Dr. David Kessler, the former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Kessler proposes that mental illness is an issue of capture – what captures and holds our attention. In this way, addiction could be […]

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Why We Shouldn’t Evangelize Games as Therapy on Their Own

Here at Take This, we try to take care not to overstate the therapeutic value of video games. They can give us perspective, comfort, social connections and a lot more, and there’s no understating how much of a difference that can make for individuals in difficult times, but they don’t replace therapy and self-care on […]

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Take This is Bringing the AFK Room and Boxes of Hope to MomoCon

Headed to MomoCon this weekend? Good news: we’ll be right there with you. For the first time, Take This is bringing the AFK Room to MomoCon. Whether you need a quiet breather from the busy show, a safe place to ground yourself while coping with mental health issues, or assistance from our volunteer clinicians, you […]

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in her corner

In Her Corner is a Painfully Relatable Webcomic

In Her Corner is a webcomic that has a handle on the daily frustrations of living with mental health issues, social anxiety, or low self-esteem. An awkward, uncomfortably funny handle. Sometimes it has good advice to give. A photo posted by In Her Corner (@inhercorner) on Apr 18, 2016 at 6:59pm PDT   Sometimes it […]

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