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Weekly INT Boost – Ready for the Weekend

Welcome to our roundup of the best mental health and gaming articles you might have missed. This week, we have reflections on Stardew Valley, the friends we make in fiction, and many ways to approach mental health apps. A year in Stardew Valley: life, labour and love “I’m eighteen years old and everybody I know […]

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The Refuge Found in an Endless Game of Golf

We talk a lot about the power that games have to help us through difficult times. When someone says a video game saved their life, they may not be exaggerating. Sometimes all we need is something to hold on to — or something to look forward to — while we ride out the rough patches. […]

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Stardew Valley: An Excellent Model of Self Care?

Stardew Valley is a charming game–a farming simulator à la Harvest Moon, with friends to make, people to marry, and agricultural endeavours to optimize. And like Harvest Moon, it limits progression with an energy system. This mechanical choice has an interesting narrative result: you have to take good care of yourself, or you won’t be […]

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