Post GDC Roundup: Interviews and Panel Video Recording

GDC was a super busy time for the Take This Team! There were some very important announcements and we wanted to put all that information in one place for you. Below are all the interviews from GDC with Kate Edwards and a video recording of Dr. B’s panel.

Take This’ Kate Edwards on the New Ambassador Program, PAX, and More” via ShackNews

It’s time to talk about mental illness in indie development” via Engadget

This organization wants to help influencers cope with the psychological effects of streaming” via TheVerge


Mental Health and Making It: Succeeding Through the Struggles” with

  • Raffael Boccamazzo (Clinical Director, Take This)
  • Michelle Flamm (Systems Designer, Zenimax Online)
  • Job Stauffer (Publisher, VR Institute of Health & Exercise)
  • Jennifer Scheurle (Game Design Lead, Opaque Space)
  • Jason L. Blair (Narrative Director and Lead Writer, Deep Silver Volition)


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