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Six Years Ago Today…

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of suicide Six years ago today, Matt Hughes, a freelance games journalist and colleague of Take This’ founders, took his own life. It was a tragedy made more tragic because he suffered in isolation and silence. Take This was founded just weeks later in response. Our founders asked, “What could we have […]

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Take This Stands with the Transgender Community

In 2013, Gender Identity Disorder was officially eliminated as a psychiatric diagnosis. It was replaced with Gender Dysphoria, a condition whereby the individual experiences marked distress at the difference between the gender with which they identify and the gender they were assigned at birth. The individual experiences distress and dysfunction at not being able to […]

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Statement on Crunch from Take This

Crunch is yet again a hot topic in the gaming news.  With the recent stories about crunch development there has been a renewed interest in Take This’ 2016 white paper on crunch and many organizations have come to us for comment on the topic. As the expert authority on mental health issues in the video game […]

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